Psychology — 19 May 2014

As I was watching the moon the other night a stranger with a meaningless smile on his face came up to me and shared this touching story. (Eleonora Di Primo)

“One night when I was 5, I saw a group of people in the street excited and all claiming they could see his face on the moon. I looked up but I could not see anybody! I asked my mom how come I don’t see anyone up there? She quietly told me (so no one can hear her) there is nobody up there, people only see what they like to see.”

The meaningless smile was no longer on his face, but his eyes was full of water as he continued …(Caras Ionut)“That night I couldn’t sleep, why I didn’t see him, what my mom meant…? Now, 25 years later when I look up, I only see the thief who tried to steal our hopes but he didn’t know that this is the land of poppies, even Genghis Khan couldn’t steal our hopes.” (Marina Gondra)

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