Psychology — 13 May 2014

Is the glass half empty or half full? is a common expression. We all know that it is used to indicate that a particular situation could be a cause for optimism or pessimism. See the glass half full not only makes you happier, it makes you healthier and wealthier.(From Armelle Touzeau)It’s also used to explain how people perceive events and objects. Another perspective comes from psychology, where research has shown that a speaker’s choice of frame can reflect their knowledge of the environment, and that listeners can be sensitive to this information, that offer insights and ideas as to the way that we see the world and life in different ways. (From Crady von Pawlak)

So whether the glass is half-full or half-empty is not just about optimism and pessimism – it’s about how different people relate to the world and to each other – in different jobs, roles, and situations – in different ways. (From Ruud van den Berg)

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