Chinese Style — 24 March 2014

Teran Peterson

A little girl is eating some noodle, unkempt hair, eagering eyes, all reflect desire for millions of Chinese poor people. The main causes of poverty vary in the different provinces and autonomous regions. In general, they include:

1970s’ One Child Policy in the late 1970s has led to forced abortions and a dangerously imbalanced ratio due to Patriarchal Ideology, a traditional preference for male heirs , which has prompted countless families to abort female fetuses in hopes of getting boys.

Increasingly frequent natural calamities, especially floods and droughts, caused by extreme weather conditions that are associated with climate change
Remote locations with poor community infrastructure and services, such as paved roads, markets and safe drinking water.

Depleted natural resources and decreasing farm sizes
Lack of skills and capacity, and a disproportionate incidence of illiteracy and poor skills among women
Limited access to inputs, financial services, markets and value chains
Reliance on traditional farming techniques.

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