Art — 31 March 2014

by Mike Mitchell

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  1. Hii!ulorsa!!!!If I could give you all of my stars for today, I would. This is pricelss, and made my day!!!!God bless you!!!† Was this answer helpful?

  2. – Hey Skye!I did indeed have a wonderful Christmas. Even though I have to agree with you, there is no such thing as being too prepared, is there? Somehow the hours in the day are still not enough.Hope you had a good few days as well?December 30, 2010 – 8:30 pm

  3. Oh, I am so upset to see this. I fear for this myself as my building is not quite as old as Victorian, but it is a prewar building in NYC. That means a propensity for bugs. Thankfully, I have not seen any of the buggers, but the tiny ones can always slip through the cracks. Can the mitten be salvaged?

  4. Hi Ben,I took a living writers class at Syracuse University, and Tobias Wolff was one of the guest lecturers. He read off some highlights from “Old School,” which sounded even better in person. Great book! Interesting read for young aspiring authors, especially college aged, who are learning about expectations to succeed.Julia

  5. I’m allergic to dairy, eggs & wheat so I collect allergy free cookbooks. I spend Sunday night baking a few goodies to keep me going in the week, and yes I also freeze so they last me. If Iforget, I have to live on rice cakes! (extremely boring not to mention tasteless!).

  6. Haven’t been to Dinitz on Bilkova since August when the wonderful Israeli chef Gilad departed, but I imagine they still serve up the great sandwiches. They also have another one on Na Porici – great interior, live bands at w/e, although the food has always been better at the original one on Bilkova.Give JJs a try, I think you might like it (esp. upstairs).

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