Psychology — 21 February 2014

Father’s Roar , the horrible devil exits in my fifth grade, every day until college, continued intermittently until now. Every time he growled, let me hated so badly, I swear in my heart “When I grew up , I must not become such a person.”. (Rangizzz)

What to bring his children-my brother and me? Now he is 60 years old, he might not really recognise that. He is still basking in the success of the educational paradigm. He does not need a deeper understanding of ourselves, but we have to maintain his life ‘s arrogance. (Angela Waye)Unfortunately, I am not a sweet girl , a lot of times against him. Some of his cruelty now repeat spread in my body, I’m afraid. Self-cultivation, deliberately to avoid, of sudden moment, roaring devil will still pop out and biting my closed people. I do not expect him to have any kind of understanding , but seek ways to protect myself and my people. But really hard. (Anja Matko)

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