Psychology — 27 November 2013

Throughout history, rape the mind and stealthy mental coercion, or attempt to influence and control the thoughts of others, or to depict the strange transformation of the free human mind into an automatically responding machine… all can be described in one word ‘brainwashing‘ that was coined in the aftermath of the Korean War. (From Paul Cook)

The British in Korea, what brainwashing is? How it can be beat? The new word “brainwashing” entered our minds and dictionaries in a phenomenally short time. Max Perleberg told that the term might well have been derived from the Buddhist expression “heart-washing” which refer to the withdrawal into meditation of a middle-aged man—perhaps weary of worldly cares—living in a bare pavilion in some placid corner of his garden, leaving his offspring to attend to his business.

In someway, we can consider the word “brainwashing” as “thought control” or “menticide”. From this we can find some dangers which threaten free cultural interplay. The danger of destruction of the spirit may be compared to the threat of total physical destruction through atomic warfare. Indeed, the two are related and intertwined. (From luis f. pereira)Many cult cases are also called brainwashing case. (From Kirill Polevoy)

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