Psychology — 23 October 2013

This photo is dedicated to whoever has doubted their dreams.

At times, I feel really lost with what I want to accomplish with my photography. I worry about how I can make a living and if I can do this forever. What I’ve come to realize is that you need to spend less time worrying and more time just BEING. Creating. Doing what you do best. Don’t worry about fame or fortune…it only tears you down.

With so much talent out there, it is easy to pick on yourself and feel small. That is what this photo represents. You are the only one who can tie yourself down. Let your childhood dreams come soar and come true, worry less and focus on creating. (From Robby Cavanaugh)Captive of her will.

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  1. Superb inrmooatifn here, ol’e chap; keep burning the midnight oil.

  2. Mbaq isnu ternyata sibuk juga ya diluaran?… Ada Mbaq Isnu Queen tuh diatas….. Salam .-= casrudi´s selesai [nulis] ..Buatku Punya Rumah Adalah Prioritas Utama =-.Diluaran sibuk, di dalemnya di mana ya Mas?

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  5. this recipe sounds great. my father is from argentina and i grew up loving empanadas. living in ny, it was real easy to find them in queens. i live in nc now and i haven’t been able to find anywhere that sells them and I tried fixing my own using a Cook’s Illustrated recipe but it didn’t compare. I’m definitely going to try making these this weekend. They look delicious.

  6. Your photographs are amazing. And to have the chance of a little piece of Israel in my home would be fantastic. I will be back to read your blog in detail very soon as I like the things you are saying. I will be adding you to my blogroll. Thank you for visiting me.

  7. Well Burgess, I know CSmith certainly had a legitimate beef with how Mr. Campbell doled out bulk print ads, especially after the '05 election. To be honest, I'm not sure about the 'lectronic division…Perhaps a sharp reader could fill us in…Regardless, I think the real issue here is the coziness of 'friendly' insider access..And Mr. Baldrey loves him some cozy inside access…Heckfire, when it came to David Hahn, v1.0, Mr. Baldrey himself even crowed, in print, about how refreshing it was that Mr. Hahn didn't make him (ie. the reporter) dig, or hunt, or, worst of all, wait….

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