Psychology — 30 June 2013
From the moment we are born, every human is engaged in the process of making meaning. This activity defines our humanity, shapes our lives, and determines the way in which we create the world around us. We are born into a world of experience, but this experience is interpreted for us and to us in our interaction with it and with others. Our culture is defined by the complex ebb and flow of our attempts to decipher the world, and the way in which the meanings we ourselves create shape that world.
Blood is an extremely powerful symbol. From the first time a child cuts its finger, blood, with its shocking redness, salty taste, and musty smell, assumes a symbolic dimension. Blood accompanies new life, the transition of women to adulthood, and often accompanies, explores the compelling emotional, social, cultural, and scientific power of blood.Blood is one of the most powerful and ubiquitous of human symbols. It signifies both life and death, health and disease, power and powerlessness.

Blood is the ‘special juice’ shapes the way in which we conduct our lives, choose our partners, structure our institutions, and express our culture.
Blood is ‘red threads’, including blood sacrifice(both self-sacrifice and the sacrifice of human and animal victims), power(both human and divine), and disease.
Blood is ‘lamb of God’. Christ’s blood washed away the sins of the world, and cleansed fallen humankind.
Different point of view for blood.

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