Photography — 28 April 2013

Walking the White Forest

Dark thoughts roaming through white trees
I get lost, walking the path back to where I came in
I feel better having white thoughts in the dark world
Than having dark thoughts like everybody else

Dark Clouds Ahead

Bad days to come
And there is nowhere to go
I will be stairing at the sun
In the days I will never know.
It is the noise of a dying heart
A storm is coming soon

Dark clouds ahead

Filling the Empty Spaces
Searching for my place
To fill up the empty spaces around me
To take my position between all the rest
To make an impact in the stracture of life

White Dreams

I find innocence only in my dreams
New beginnings, new ambitions
I find my the serenity I seek
I find the white life I need
In my Dreams

Walking Out of a Dream

I was running all night
I was in this castle and I was lost
Running up and down and out of my mind
Till I finally found my way
And now I’m walking out of a dream
Waking into today

Walk of Life

Early adopters, early bloomers
Old hags, old boys
We are all walking the invisible road
We are all a part of this walk of life

From Gilad

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