Psychology — 18 April 2013
Gathering the knowledge that comes to a man through the hard knocks of experience of the real life. Every single nation or individual has got a special trait or ideal of this own. When a man attains a complete perception of the ideal, he can easily find out his destination and his guide on the way. But because this perception does not always come to us, we pretty often run after mistaken ideals and follow false prophets. If you really want to shape your lives to some purpose, then protect yourself by all means from the influence of false guides and mistaken ideals and make your own settled choice of your own ideal in life. (Image from Jeff mercader)And minus that ideal his life becomes absolutely meaningless and unnecessary. We know that an ideal is not a lifeless and motionless entity. It has got speed, locomotion and life-giving power. It is this ideal which constitutes the idea of the the age. (Image from Miguel Cabezas)The life of man-that of nation as well as of an individual-that is a piece of immutable truth. It is not possible to divide this life into two or more watertight compartments. When the life of a man quickens into consciousness, we get ample proofs of this new awakening from all sides, and pulsation of a new life are felt all round. The world-and so the life of man-is full of diversity. If we kill this diversity, there will be no fulfilement of life; we shall rather bring ouselves nearer to death or destruction by so doing. (Image from Hossein Zare)

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