Psychology — 27 January 2013
We are competitive animals and, however, whether at exams, job interviews or even on romantic dates -fear of failure and expectationwill lead to pressure. Pressure is an integral part of life, so remove it from life is an impossible dream. (Image from Carlos Quiza – Mr. Q)

Small amounts of stress or positive stress are desired, beneficial, and even healthy. While under heavy pressure, everything changes, over-attention, emotional outburst…will change the state of our health.

Things come to us, listen to your body, what’s the feeling? Listen to your heart, what does it? (Image from Anton Belovodchenko)At ease, lower your standard, of course remind that you can act in competent, honorable, and successful ways even when there is no sense of pressure. In one world, good attitude and confidence boost – what we need when facing life’s challenges. (Image from Garrett Hauenstein)

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