Psychology — 29 January 2013
Don’t think you could ever hurt a child? Hopefully not. The most common hidden hurt is that parents lose their temper and lash out in anger – verbally or physically – you risk harming your child, even if you don’t mean to. Also when parents can’t meet children’s needs, children might be at risk of neglect. (Photo from Adrian Sommeling)

Simply summary is negative attitudes, interpersonal problems, low levels of emotional support, harsh disciplinary, family value and social isolation. All make that children’s developments are at risk. (Photo from Katja Alieva)Children may cripple self-worth. And in some instances, children grow directly out of how they were treated by parents in childhood, in another words, growing up to the same (or similar) models with their parents.

Now how you feel about yourself as an adult. So as parents, all should recognize the hidden hurt and have positive behaviors and positive parenting strategies (e.g. reasoning, encouraging successes) for children. (Photo from Aurel Manea)


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