Psychology — 31 January 2013
A child’s relationship with his/her father is vital to its development.

For girls: the father-daughter relationship has an astounding influence on how girls feel about themselves as women; on their choice of romantic partners. For boys: the father-son relationship plays a vital role in how, as men, boys grow up to treat their own romantic partners, workmates, employees and of course, their own children. These observations, along gender lines, have been applied in a very broad, traditional sense.Gender roles are changing. The classical model of a family with a father as the breadwinner who is not emotionally involved in the children’s lives is becoming obsolete. As more mothers join the workforce, as more families are fragmented through divorce and as traditional roles are more gender neutral, fathers are increasingly providing more than just a paycheck in the home, lacking adequate models and often do not have the skills to make sound disciplinary choices.

Father, increased paternal participation in children’s lives are very necessary. (Photo from Wei Dai)

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