Awareness — 06 December 2012

4-year-old Jasmine has participated in over 100 child beauty pageants and lives in a large house in the Kentucky countryside. How lovely the little princess it is! Please think about your bedroom: how significant it was during your childhood, and how it reflected what you had and who you were. So we can really understand what matters most to a child, we must enter that private sanctuary: their bedroom.

In the series of photographs Where Children Sleep, James Mollison gives us this chance to study the extreme diversity of children’s sleeping places in many different countries. What are you feeling for the details that inevitably mark people apart from each other ‘ while the children themselves would appear in the set of portraits as individuals, as equal just as children? Shock? Yes, economic inequality, children’s rights, and how we are defined by our possessions and formed by our circumstances are some of the complex issues.

9-year-old Tsvika and his siblings share a bedroom in an apartment in the West Bank, in a gated Orthodox Jewish community known as Beitar Illit.

11-year-old Joey, who killed his first deer when he was seven, lives in Kentucky with his family.

14-year-old Erien slept on the floor of her favela abode in Rio de Janeiro until the late stages of her pregnancy.

15-year-old Risa is training to be a geisha and shares a teahouse with 13 women in Kyoto, Japan.

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