Psychology — 29 December 2012

What is your earliest memory? It recall the experience from the past, while we are completely unable to remember our experiences that occurred prior to the infants, toddler years. Some thought that these memories weren’t exactly lost. Gone but not forgotten?

Before the age of 3, babies’ brains are not fully developed, lack of brain’s sensitivity, also not have the cognitive or language skills.Whatever the content, it is probably short and rather hazy, baby can’t recall memories.

During pregnancy, mom spend more time reading aloud, the baby can hear it, means that baby is storing memories right from birth. Once babies understand language, they develop self-awareness and begin to understand how events fit together, as well as possess the ability to describe what they remember. For kid’s remember, it didn’t turn up very often. Forget, actually is ‘amnesia’, memories, implicit or unconscious, are not gone, just store in the lower parts of brain.

Early experiences impact the development of the brain. The ability to remember increased dramatically with age. We can’t compare babies to amnesiac adults. Adults and infants occupy different niches, what they perceive, learn, and remember about the same event differs.

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