Art Photography — 05 November 2012

“I am photography”, it is better to represent someone who lives, eats and breaths. He is a self confessed camera obsessed freak. !

Really nice and creative, the pics on the wall and the amazing processing.

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  1. Tisztelt hozMászólók!zi lenne ha azzal FOGLALKOZNÁTOK, HOGY KINEK MEGY A LÓVÉ, HA ELKÜLDÖD AZ SMS-T, AKKOR MEGVAN AZ IS AKI KÜLDTE A SPAMOT!Ilyen egyszerű! A mai világban 2 perc alatt tolhat ki spamet, akármilyen oldal névvel, itt csak a pénz a reális dolog, a többi hamisítható. Nem sokat kell töprengeni, kinek megy a lóvé, szervernet, alias BOBI netcigány főkolompos, ott kellene kutakodni kicsit(nagyon).

  2. Bill Millerd and the ARTS CLUB THEATRE I send my congratulations and a thank you to BMO for their commitment to excellence in the theatre arts and the ARTS CLUB THEATRE. You know the first “green room” I ever sat in was actually – BLUE! (It was backstage at an Opera Company in Zurich so that is why I thought it a “tad” strange, but, now it is in “Vogue”…..Way to go – another BLUE ROOM & $50K!Cheers!Susan Weiss

  3. bang, ntar percobaan part 2 nya, coba deh ikan itu di telen hidup2…let see sampai berapa lama tuh ikan apes tahan di lambung. ntar keluarin besok paginya di toilet. .haaaa. . .

  4. This is a beautiful thing you've made with the jute bag – your daughter is fortunate!! (mine are grown now) I like the combination of the ric-rac and silk ribbon flowers! Good job!!

  5. It’s imrieatpve that more people make this exact point.

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