Psychology — 27 November 2012

We sometimes complain when we have to endure an art exhibition in heels, but we can’t imagine how it must feel to peruse an art gallery in full scuba gear.

Just this very idea occurred to Andreas Franke, an Austrian professional photographer and avid diver. He took a diving expedition down into hulk of the artificial reef general hoyt s. vandenberg located 100 feet below sealevel. The series of 12 photographs entitled ‘life below the surface‘ can be viewed installed at the location of the sunken ship.

The images on the exhibition depict people doing their everyday activities: some guys are chatting, a woman hanging the washing, children are playing… But the author put them into the atmosphere of the underwater world and this completely changed the impression that they made.

A mismatch between the characters and their environment causes a sense of surreality of this world. The characters themselves look very similar to ghosts. They are expected to vanish in the next moment after they finish the captured activity. That is what as Franke says” Mystified scenes of the past that play in a fictional space. dreamworlds, where you can get lost or you can identify with. This makes new and unexpected atmosphere.”.

Franke put people on it, then there would again be life on that ship. Being in the same environment, the viewers have a chance to experience in full feelings and senses that the author has striven to convey.

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