Photography — 29 October 2012

A tree say something about life:

“What is life? Is life happens just when somebody else know about it? I mean, if nobody knows you’re there, you might as well not be there, or even be dead. Am I right?

People search for the perfect life all around the world, but I know better. I was just thinking that there is an old Chinese saying that tells that if you stand long enough in one place, the whole world will pass you by. I know he said it because he said that while standing in my shade.

I remember I thought it would be great if it was true. I could really “see the world”. A few hundred years later I can tell you that if all I’ve seen is what this world has to offer, the world must be a sad place. Seasons change, rain and then sun and again. Night becomes day and day becomes night again. Birds fly, land, take a crap, fly again. Sometimes a Jeep drives by leaving a cloud of dust. Hundreds of years that I’m here and now I understand that the old Chinese was just trying to be nice, and give me hopes for an interesting future, but sometimes a tree is just a tree. The less thinking I do, the better the time I have. Because, after all, what is time…. ”

Photo From Gilad

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