Photography Psychology — 21 August 2012

Many photographers serve as their own models, turning themselves into the subjects of their shots. Finnish photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen, however, chooses to use his body as a raw element that accentuates the untouched beauty found in nature and, at times, camouflages into the scenery.

Minkkinen uses his nude form to play with his surroundings in visually stimulating ways. 

In addition to his figurative imitations of natural scenery, Minkkinen plays with elemental attributes like water’s reflective nature to further entertain the viewer. His creative perspective and brilliant execution transforms the simplest landscape shot of trees lining around a body of water into a model garden for the photographer to pluck wispy wooden sticks from. The trees’ mirrored silhouette would go unnoticed without Minkkinen’s cleverly inserted fist giving the impression of a hand holding a bouquet of hay.

He’s mimicking the grooves of a mountain range with his extended arm, his shots exude a strong understanding of the environment and acute sense of shapes and patterns that define a landscape. His body echoes the most interesting characteristics of its environment.

Minkkinen sees his body as an entry point to humanity. 

For Arno Rafael Minkkinen, nudity is akin to spirituality. Minkkinen routinely becomes part of the landscape, connecting body and nature in the most surreal ways. 

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