Psychology — 28 July 2012

NO SKATEBOARDING this sign is posted throughout most cities. Even a law passed by the City of Cape town has made skateboarding illegal on any public road. The police makes it even harder. Skateboarding can cause damage to property. If an individual is caught skateboarding, his board is confiscated and a $60 fine is issued. A child picks up a skateboard he is seen as a criminal?Does one ever a see a NO FOOTBALL sign or a NO BASEBALL sign? Do other sports come with the possibility of property being damaged? Is there a law for another sport? The reason behind this is that these are sports excepted by the general public. They feel that these activities add to the goodness of the community while skateboarding diminishes its value. When they see a gang of kids wearing baggy clothes and immediately the word “hoodlum” pops into their heads.

People refuse to focus on the skill involved in the sport. There are many different tricks involved in skateboarding that take years and years of practice. While the world today is basically unable to provide for the needs of teenagers. No place for them to practice.

In an attempt to generate funds to build a skatepark in Cape Town, South African art director and illustrator Gerhard Human hosted an exhibition of his illustration series “Skateboarding is not a Crime.” Each skateboarder with a distinct personality and physical presence. Skateboarding can be fun, go downhill and stop with confidence.Early forms of skateboarding first emerged in the United States in the 1950s and the sport has been popular on and off ever since the 1970s. Now it is back bigger than ever. Skateboarders are everywhere and skateboarding style is too. Like surfing, skateboarding is a sport with a philosophy and a culture very much its own. Skate culture is anti-establishment and part of the trend away from team sports towards something more individual. Life is too tame without a bit of danger in it and skateboarding is perfect to keep the blood flowing. Skateboarding Is Not A Crime highlights the individual nature of boarding culture, with its cutting-edge fashion and street philosophy, and reproduces it on the paper in all its unruly glory.A famous slang used by Skateboarders, “Ride is not a crime”. Go at the sort of speed or more you should be doing it on the road or on private land you have a right to be on. Wish it is only a matter of time before a skatepark.

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