Accessories — 06 June 2012

In the 1940s, this show car found its way to the Parisian studio of Henri Labourdette who later gave the car an overhaul and had scrapped everything but the running gear.

He rebodied the car in gold-plated-and-brass-adorned aerodynamic bodywork that swooped back into a boattail. He also removed features that made it recognizable as a Rolls, except for its mascot and a pair of interior trim pieces.Labourdette also fitted the car with the Vutotal windscreen, a thick slice of glass that seems to support itself. The cost to convert this car totaled $44,000 – an incredibly high figure. Now remember that this was when the average price of a home was about $4,000. Featured judging classes on the Concours docket include Porsche, Bugatti, Period Hot Rods and Custom Cars from 1948 to 1964.

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