Chinese Style — 25 May 2012

Do you feel that everything we own, use or have on our person such as bags, watches, clothes etc. are all made in China? Yes, after more than three decades of economic reforms, China’s factories have steadily moved up the value chain. Now a vast array of high quality, affordable goods are signed Made In China . This sharp increase in capacity and quality should come as no surprise. For much of its history, China has been renown for its advanced products including clothes, ceramics, paper and silk to mention just a few. Made In China make you satisfy. Raise your eyebrows and head east. Now, it is China Century.

While go back to the late 1990s, they endeavored to shed the Made in China brand of its “cheap and chunky” image. The “Made in China” brand was historically challenged that reported negatively – simply mass producing or copying. In response to these concerns, Chinese officials have pledged to increase safety inspections for manufactured products and took more attention to the lable. Now everything is changed. Made In China is on a value way.

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